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If you're single, Valentine's Day can make you want to stay in bed and pull the covers over your head. You spend an entire day pretending that being single works for you but the reality is you're really hurting inside. Friends and family may try to be helpful but somehow their words often make you feel worse.

As a Relationship Expert I help single women who are ready to be successful in dating and relationships;

  • Women who have focused so much energy on their career that they've forgotten how to date learn how to feel comfortable, even confident, dating and being vulnerable and receptive.
  • Women who are amazing but end up with guys who don't stick around learn what qualities to look for in a man that will lead to the intimacy they desire and what qualities will lead to disappointment.
  • Women who are starting to think about giving up on dating because they can't figure out what they are 'doing wrong' learn that they aren't doing anything wrong, it's just time to try something different.
  • Women who are in a relationship but fear they will never get what they need from their guy learn to deepen their relationships at a profound level and create the intimacy they have been craving.

Here's what clients are saying

about the benefits of

Relationship Coaching

I'm 38 an have been dating since my teens. I thought I knew

everything there was to know but couldn't figure out why I was

still single... read more.

The surprise was, I didn't need to trust men to be ready to date

again, but I did need to trust myself to pay attention and trust my

gut. Once I got that, the rest was easy... read more.

My wife and I were close to separating when we found Kanya. It

was amazing how many things we were doing to push each other

away - and we didn't even know more.

I was referred to Kanya a few years ago when I decided I was

ready to work on repeated “bad luck” with men and relationships.

Looking back today, all I’ve accomplished with Kanya has been

absolutely miraculous... read more.     

We start by identifying your goals, your assets. We explore what relationship stage do tend to get stuck in; meeting someone, building intimacy, dealing with conflict? Then we create a plan with clear steps to help you move forward, try different things, and build new skills. Each step in the process will provide insight and confidence.

You'll learn to;

  • Identify, understand, and successfully navigate the relationship stages.
  • Understand what makes a man fall in love (it's not what you think!)
  • Honor your emotional strengths and use them to strengthen your relationship.
  • Maintain a full and rich life even after you fall in love.
  • Talk to your guy is such a way that makes him open up.
  • Manage all of those uncomfortable feelings that get triggered when you like a guy!
  • Most importantly, you’ll learn to deal with the most difficult aspect of dating: The Rubber Band Stage. That dreaded time when he starts to pull away after weeks or months of pursuing you. Learn how to keep it together and strengthen your confidence when it happens!

Appointments can take place in person, on the phone, or via Skype. You'll have assignments in between our sessions that will engage you and deepen your understanding of yourself and relationships. As you learn more your confidence will grow and dating will become fun and exciting.

Download my free e-book which will teach you so much about how to build a loving relationship and contact me now to schedule your complementary Attract Your Soul Mate Now Session! Call (610) 283-3457 or email me.

I guarantee you will leave the session feeling better about yourself and filled with new ideas about how to approach your relationships with men. It's time you felt confident about dating! Get started today.