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It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.

~ e. e. cummings

For more than 30 years Kanya has been passionate about helping individuals reach their full potential and create deeply satisfying lives. As an educator, licensed psychotherapist, and transformational coach, Kanya utilizes an inside out coaching approach that encourages her clients to reach unparalleled levels of personal and professional success.

Possessed with an rare and progressive understanding of human consciousness, Kanya creates a highly personalized coaching environment for each of her clients which generates profound inner transformation. This transformation has a direct and positive impact on professional performance and success as growth and acceleration in any area of our life consistently results in growth and acceleration in all areas of our lives.

Kanya first became interested in an innovative approach to life after traditional medicine failed to alleviate physical pain resulting from an automobile accident. Her personal experience was so powerful, that she began to facilitate mindfulness based stress management programs to a variety of groups dealing with physical and emotional challenges including depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, AIDS, and cancer.

During this time, Kanya pioneered a Mind Body Program for women recovering from breast cancer at Hackensack University Medical Center. Participants of the program experienced a decline in symptoms of depression and anxiety by over 70% during the course of this 8 week program. Graduates of the program reported feeling more confident in their body’s ability to recover from cancer as well as higher levels of satisfaction in other areas of their lives.

After graduating from the University of Santa Monica with a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology, Kanya was asked to join the faculty and over the course of the next 7 years assisted students in this highly experiential curriculum in understanding, applying, and synthesizing the practices and principles of Spiritual Psychology.

While living in Los Angeles Kanya joined the faculty of the UCLA Mind Body Infertility Program where she led groups for women experiencing infertility and pregnancy loss. The program was highly successful and resulted in a 45% successful pregnancy rate for participants attending the program compared to overall IVF success rates of just 13%.

Upon returning to the Philadelphia area in 2006, Kanya built a thriving practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist and Relationship Coach. When Kanya discovered that 80% of the women she coached for personal issues saw an increase in their salary within a 6 month period of beginning their work together, she expanded her work to include Transformational Coaching focusing on improving professional performance and career satisfaction.

Kanya’s expertise allows clients to achieve long term professional goals in record time. Past and current clients work for a diverse group of organizations including; Calvin Klein Inc., Merrill Lynch, The Vanguard Group, SAP SE, DuPont Chemical Corporation, Comcast Cable, Clear Channel Communications, University of Pennsylvania, Jefferson Health System, Blue Cross Advantage, and Aetna Insurance Company as well as small business owners and entrepreneurs.

In addition to her Transformational Coaching practice, Kanya speaks and writes on a variety of subjects from Stress Free Parenting to FindingPersonal Satisfaction In The C Suite. Kanya’s writings have been syndicated to The Huffington Post, Psych Central, and Fox News Magazine. As a Relationship Expert Kanya is often interviewed and has been featured on a variety of radio programs including The Matt Townsend Show on XM radio.

Kanya is passionate about helping her clients reach their potential. “We live in a Country where we actually have a constitutional guaranteeing us the right to pursue happiness. The problem is, most of us do just that; pursue happiness rather than create it. I feel fortunate that my career is helping people become happier by reaching, and often redefining, their potential.”

Kanya resides in West Chester Pennsylvania with her two canine companions Lulu and Benji. In her spare time she is hard at work perfecting her world famous chocolate chip cookie recipe.